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We created externs.com to provide resources for for those interested in traditional internships and virtual internships. Internet technology allows valuable experiences without the geographic barriers of the past.

We help facilitate increased opportunities for learning and organizational performance. The same trends allowing telecommuting for employees opens new opportunities for traditional internships. While some Internships require on-site work many organizations could benefit from help by those working on projects off site. And students can also benefit from the vastly increased opportunities when they are not limited to those organizations they are geographically close to.

In addition, the increased flexibility of educational institutions to integrate practical learning (such as externships) into traditional learning provide additional opportunities. There is no reason a student interested in a traditional internship program (such as public policy) couldn't work on an internship during the school year remotely for credit. Obviously, working remotely will present challenges to traditional internship plans but remote internships also provide the opportunity Internships provide to a much larger audience.

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