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10 Tips About Careers for new college graduates
Set up informational interviews and talk to people whom you respect professionally. Get the facts so you can focus on a two-year professional development plan that involves enhancing a skill set in a particular industry that excites you. You are not making a life-or-death decision or a long-term commitment, but you do need to identify a smart, short-term professional goal and go after it. A career path is full of twists and turns, but opting to hit the road without at least some destination in mind can get you lost, not to mention, waste valuable time and resources.
to succeed in your career, and more importantly, in life, you will have to A) work through intensely conflicted situations, B) receive and internalize criticism, and C) accept that you will cause disappointment, because you just can't please everyone, all the time.
Be grateful for the opportunity to work, get creative in your ways to engage in it, and most of all, get excited about your capacity to expand your knowledge through experience, and a career that satisfies will be yours.
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