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This Internship is available in: West Point, Pennsylvania 

Externship Profile
Externship Title:   Manufacturing Statistics Intern
Organization:   Merck
Virtual:   No
Specific Web Page for this Externship:   http://www.merck-jobs.com/job/WEST-POINT-Manufacturing-Statistics-Intern-Job-PA-
Requirements:   Education:

* Enrollment in a Masters or Ph.D. in Statistics Program (or equivalent such as Industrial Engineering with a statistics focus)


* Coursework including 1-2 semesters of graduate level statistical theory and methods * Statistical computing skills in at least one package such as SAS, S-Plus/R, JMP or Minitab * Excellent oral and written communication skills


* Course work in Regression, ANOVA and design of experiments (DOE) is beneficial

Description:   The ideal candidate will work with a member of the Center on a project related to Merck's chemical, pharmaceutical, or vaccine manufacturing. The project responsibilities include but are not limited to:

* Researching possible statistical approaches * Implementing the most effective approach using the appropriate software package and reporting the results * The candidate will also have the opportunity to work with staff members on ongoing consulting projects. This will provide the opportunity to experience how statistics is used in real world situations * Position is based in West Point, PA and will begin in early June

This information is subject to change, follow the internship link for more details and any updates on the internship.

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