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This Internship is available in: California  Illinois  Iowa  Montana  Wisconsin 

Externship Profile
Externship Title:   Manufacturing and Engineering Internships
Organization:   General Mills
Virtual:   No
Specific Web Page for this Externship:   http://www.generalmills.com/corporate/careers/man_internship.aspx
Requirements:   Preferred degrees include bachelor of science degrees in chemical engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and food process engineering.

Description:   Operations Management Assistant for undergraduate students.

Experience all aspects of manufacturing, engineering and plant operations in our rotational development program. Focus on your management and technical skills. Receive on-the-job training through work assignments in project/systems improvement engineering, production crew management, distribution and production scheduling, human resources and financial operations. Coordinate installations and start-ups of new production systems.

Engineering Development Program for undergraduate students.

Prepare for technical or managerial careers in engineering at General Mills by participating in our rotational development program Develop leadership and technical skills for General Mills' core engineering functions Receive a broad orientation to manufacturing Gain experience in project, controls, packaging and systems improvement engineering, as well as in production crew management, quality, financial operations and maintenance

Our "Dual Ladder" emphasizes the importance of both technical leadership and managerial leadership to the success of our organization. Accordingly, as an engineer at General Mills, you have the opportunity to progress in either a technical or managerial career path, based on your performance and interests. As a technical expert, you might pursue a position as a project engineer, systems engineer, or electrical and controls engineer, among others.

This information is subject to change, follow the internship link for more details and any updates on the internship.

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